The Pull-It is a spring loaded quick-release skewer that makes removing the front wheel faster and easier. Just open the lever, pull-it, and lift out the wheel. The Pull-It is safer and locks in your front wheel more securely than a convention quick-release. The Memory Nut shown on Skewer is not included, but can be purchased here.


Price: $62.50


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HubDock Rear Wheel Axle Road Bike Version

The Hubdock™ is a revolutionary product which enables quick removal of the rear bicycle wheel.

The HubDock™ is a revolutionary product enabling quick and pain free removal of the rear bicycle wheel.

Using patented technology, the HubDock™ enables a rider to remove the rear wheel free from the usual complications of the derailleur and chain – since these components remain attached to the bike frame.

Advantages of the HubDock™:

  • Fastest and cleanest rear wheel change ever developed. Patented
  • You never touch the chain or derailleur
  • Space saver when stacking rear wheels. Gears stay on the bike!
  • Transfer of torque, with greater efficiency
  • Racers especially love the stability

Patent Pending Design

The HubDock™ design is Patent pending by J. Leonard Ashman

Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: $380.00


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Memory Nut

The Memory Nut replaces the standard nut on your front wheel skewer. Set it perfectly once and Memory Nut remembers your skewer tension forever. Removing your front wheel becomes hassle free and takes only 5 seconds.

Custom anodize colors available upon request for quantity orders. Please contact us prior to placing your order.


Price: $20.00


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