The Hubdock™ is a revolutionary product which enables quick removal of the rear bicycle wheel.

The HubDock™ is a revolutionary product enabling quick and pain free removal of the rear bicycle wheel.

Using patented technology, the HubDock™ enables a rider to remove the rear wheel free from the usual complications of the derailleur and chain – since these components remain attached to the bike frame.

Advantages of the HubDock™:

  • Fastest and cleanest rear wheel change ever developed. Patented
  • You never touch the chain or derailleur
  • Space saver when stacking rear wheels. Gears stay on the bike!
  • Transfer of torque, with greater efficiency
  • Racers especially love the stability

Patent Pending Design

The HubDock™ design is Patent pending by J. Leonard Ashman

Product Options
Combination of product variants is not available

Price: $380.00


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